October 19, 2016
Gear of War 4 Free

Mafia III And Gear of War 4 Free With Asus 10 Series GPUs; $100 Saving

The 10 series GPU are pretty successful and for good reason too. They offer great price to performance figures unlike what we have seen in previous […]
October 19, 2016
Pakistan Property Market

Pakistan Property Market Set to Bottom Out; No Overnight Price Shifts

The Pakistan property market is still reeling after the Finance Bill 2016 sent shockwaves through the sector. In July, the real estate market recorded a downturn […]
October 17, 2016
Free UberAuto Rides

Free UberAuto Rides For A Week In Lahore Starting Today

Uber has started its auto-rickshaw service in Lahore and here is your chance to get free UberAuto rides in Lahore. People in Lahore will be able to […]
October 16, 2016
90s Pakistani kids

10 Things Only 90s Pakistani Kids Can Relate To

Living in Pakistan has its pros and cons and as we grow older we start to think that our generation was the best. Here are 10 […]
October 12, 2016
Ashura Majlis

Morgan Freeman Attended An Ashura Majlis And People Are Shocked

Morgan Freeman has been seen attending an Ashura Majlis in a mosque in London. The incident of Karbala was being discussed at the Ashura Majlis and Morgan Freeman was one […]
October 12, 2016
Wiki Loves Monuments 2016

Wiki Loves Monuments 2016; Selected Pictures Of Pakistan

As you all know that Wikipedia plays an important role in providing information about pretty much everything. People in Pakistan are taking their heritage more seriously […]
October 10, 2016
Ashura Holidays

No Load-shedding During Ashura Holidays; Government Announcement

The government has announced that there will be no load shedding during 8,9,10th Muharram, the Ashura holidays. It is to be noted that the security concern has also […]
October 10, 2016
Declare India A Terrorist State

The Petition To The White House To Declare India A Terrorist State

India has made the first move and has assaulted the people in Kashmir. The world has taken notice of what is going on and is trying […]
October 10, 2016
Gears Of War 4 PC

Gears Of War 4 PC Version Running On Nvidia GTX 1080

Now that Microsoft has enabled PC gamers to get a free copy of the Xbox Games that they buy gamers can now play Xbox games on […]
October 10, 2016
Punjab College Dance Video

Alleged Punjab College Dance Video Going Viral; FB Admin Furious

This Punjab College dance video is going viral and we can see why. Although the publisher is claiming that this Punjab College dance video has been recorded at […]
October 7, 2016
The Grand Tour Trailer

Ex Top Gear’s The Grand Tour Trailer Released; Jeremy Clarkson Is Back

The Ex Top Gear trio has been teasing us about their upcoming Amazon series for months now and if you ask me it was getting pretty irritating. […]
October 4, 2016
FAST NU Lahore

17 Reasons Why Student Life At FAST NU Lahore Is Hell On Earth

Now that the HEC people are inspecting FAST NU Lahore and us seniors are never going to have our voice heard I thought it was best to […]
October 4, 2016
Online Mortgage Calculator

Standard Chartered To Offer Online Mortgage Calculator For House Buying

An exciting announcement today as Lamudi Pakistan has teamed up with Standard Chartered Bank to support the people of Pakistan in getting finance for a new […]
October 4, 2016
Huawei Honor 8

Huawei Honor 8 Launched In Pakistan; Specs And Details

The much-anticipated Huawei Honor 8, has officially launched in Pakistan, bringing state-of-the-art mobile and camera technology into the hands of digital natives, at a price tag […]
October 3, 2016
best places

10 Best Places To Visit In Pakistan Before You Die

We all have things to do. We have our bucket lists of things to do before we die. These things can include buying things and visiting […]
October 3, 2016
Indian Movie Ban

Why Indian Movie Ban Will Not Be A Huge Issue For Pakistani Cinemas

Due to the tension between India and Pakistan we are seeing an Indian movie ban in Pakistan from cinemas all over the country and while some people […]
September 30, 2016
Huawei Live

Nabeel Shaukat With Huawei Live Stole The Show At Iqra & Maju

Huawei initiated “Huawei Live” Campaign a few days back and after receiving an unbelievably awe-inspiring response from the youth, the shining star of Pakistani music industry […]
September 30, 2016
iPhone 7 Plus Prices Pakistan

Comprehensive List Of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Prices Pakistan 2016

Price Comparison for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus The iPhone 7’s official pricing starts at $649 for 32GB , 128 GB at $749 and 256 […]
September 27, 2016
First-Time Buyers

Six Best Global Cities for First-Time Buyers; Buying Real Estate

Buying your first apartment is a milestone that will have a significant impact on the rest of your life. The location of your first home should […]
September 23, 2016
Huawei Live

Huawei Pakistan: Singing Dream Comes Alive with Huawei Live!

Huawei Pakistan has once again prepared to come up with an exciting and entertaining campaign, known as Huawei Live; a star-studded platform where youngsters come in […]
September 20, 2016
Lamudi Pakistan

Lamudi Pakistan Launches New Innovative Real Estate App

Managing your property portfolio just got easier thanks to the latest cutting-edge app from Lamudi Pakistan. Their original app took the stress out of house hunting, […]
September 19, 2016
Momina Mustehsan

Momina Mustehsan Not Just A Pretty Face; Making A Change For Better

Momina Mustehsan has taken over Pakistan, after her appearance in the Coke Studio hit Afreen, she has made a place in the heart of every Pakistani […]
September 18, 2016
Maro Tandoor

Maro Tandoor Introduces A Variety Of New Products To The Table

Maro Tandoor, the home of the Nutella naan here in Lahore has pretty great marketing to say the very least and they excite us foodies in […]
September 17, 2016
Pakistan’s Tax Policy

Pakistan’s Tax Policy Scaring off Investors

Pakistanis living overseas are a key contributor to the real estate economy in the country but are recent Pakistan’s Tax Policy changes discouraging these invaluable investors? […]
September 16, 2016
Nvidia GTX 1080

Where To Buy Nvidia GTX 1080 In Pakistan in Rs 86,000

The guys at thrift.pk have been pretty busy. And that is good news for gamers all over Pakistan. Their new stock includes the Nvidia GTX 1080 […]
September 12, 2016
Mann Jhoomay Jaye

Rizwan Ali Jaffri’s Mann Jhoomay Jaye Music Video Is Out Now!

Rizwan Ali Jaffri music video Mann Jhoomay Jaye is out and available on YouTube. The song is getting love from all over Pakistan. The video is […]
September 11, 2016
Sapphire RX 480 8GB

Where To Buy Sapphire RX 480 8GB And GTX 1060 In Pakistan

The RX 400 series from AMD and the Nvidia 10 series GPUs are selling like hot cakes and there are only a few people where in […]
September 11, 2016
Coke Studio Pakistan

Americans React to Coke Studio Pakistan – Pakistan Republic

Americans React to Coke Studio Pakistan a video uploaded by the channel Pakistan Republic is a really nice video and it is great to see such kinds […]
September 10, 2016
Rizwan Ali Jaffri

Mann Jhoomay Jaye By Rizwan Ali Jaffri; Lux Style Award Winner

Rizwan Ali Jaffri, a name that caught people’s attention as a singer in 2013 when he bagged an award for best album but was not heard […]
September 9, 2016
Pokemon Go Pakistan

Pokemon Go Pakistan: Grinding Two Hours Everyday, Rs 3000 Later

Pokemon Go has made its way to the list of top 15 apps by the number of downloads as of July 2016. There are plenty of Pokemon […]